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MEANWHILE … Pro Se Presents: THE SALE!

MEANWHILE … across this great nation, the long Labor Day holiday weekend is marked by end of summer barbecues, home-made ice cream, and one last dip in the pool. But once the sun sets, what is there to do?

Might I recommend … reading? And if your looking for something new to read, my friends at Pro Se Productions may have just what you’re after ..,great books from my friends, colleagues, and even a mysterious stranger or two. And they are ON SALE!

pro se sale

Pro Se Productions, a leading Publisher of New Pulp and Genre Fiction, announces its first PRO SE PRESENTS: THE SALE!  From August 29 through September 1st, 2014, select digital titles, regularly prices $2.99, will only be 99 Cents at!

Read the best Authors in Genre Fiction! Explore Action, Mystery, Horror, and more in a variety of stories that only Pro Se Productions can provide! 20 novels and/or anthologies, every one less than a dollar!

Thrill to the following Pro Se Titles:

A Week In Hell by J. Walt Layne


Badge of Lies by Jason Kahn


Ravencroft Springs by Logan L. Masterson


Vionna and the Vampires by Chuck Miller


The Bone Queen by Andrea Judy


City of Smoke and Mirrors by Nick Piers


Companion Dragons Tales : A Familiar Name by Nancy A. Hansen


Dramatis Personae: Public Domain by Joseph Lamere


Fortune’s Pawn by Nancy A. Hansen


Just the Facts: True Tales of Cops and Criminals by Jim Doherty


Monster Aces by Jim Beard, Barry Reese, Van Allen Plexico, and Ron Fortier


Project Alpha by Lee Houston, Jr.


Rabbit Heart by Barry Reese


Savage Noir by Greg Norgaard


Sensible Redhorn by Tim Holter Bruckner


Snatched! A Kate and Craig Suspense Story by Charles Boeckman


The Adventures of Peabody Rich by Donna Smith


The Bishop of Port Victoria by D. Alan Lewis


The New Adventures of Jim Anthony, Super Detective: The Death’s Head Cloud by Joshua Reynolds


Young Dillon in the Halls of Shamballah by Derrick Ferguson


The Best in Heroic Fiction can be Yours for 99 cents each through September 1, 2014. Pro Se Presents: The Sale!



See You on the Radio

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MEANWHILE … in a time and place where I manually cued up records, played commercials via cart machines, and pulled the latest news off the teletype, I seriously considered a career on the air. But I hung up those headphones long ago.

During the halcyon days of the comic book boom back in the late 80s/early 90s, I occasionally found myself back on the airwaves serving as a pseudo-expert on this or that once-in-a-lifetime event.  It was easy and comfortable and a lot of fun.

Then one day I found myself living a different life in a different world and I was now RADIO SILENT.

But silence is meant to be broken. After more years ago than I care to recall or admit, I stepped up to the microphone once more and let my voice be heard.

I had the pleasure of joining Tommy Hancock (Publisher, Writer, and Pulp Provocateur) on Pro Se Presents: The Podcast at its new home on Jackalope Radio, the internet radio network that brings you Pulped!, Nightwatch and so many other great shows. So spin your interwebs radio dial to Jackalope on Wednesday, July 30, at 7PM Eastern/6PM Central/5PM Mountain/4PM Pacific to hear us talk about TALL PULP and “Mike Fink and the River Round-Up.”

Admittedly, the once mellifluous voice was probably a little scratchy. I am sure that I talked too fast. To paraphrase Gordon Sumner, too often my eloquence escaped me. There are few things more disconcerting than hearing your voice proclaim something to a mass audience that does not correspond to the words your brain intended.

But it was fun and I hope to do more of this in the future.

See you on the radio.


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