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Short Fiction

Tall Pulp logo typeset cover

“Mike Fink and The River Round-Up” appears in TALL PULP (Pro Se Productions).

Tall Tales. Stories of larger than life characters, heroes who stand above everyone else and perform great feats. From digging the Grand Canyon to reversing the flow of the Mississippi River itself, there are figures woven into American history and lore that seem ready made for the classic Pulp magazines of yesteryear! Now, today’s best and brightest writers of Genre Fiction take those classic legends and shine a new light on them. Pro Se Productions proudly presents TALL PULP. Thrill as characters like Jim Bowie, Joe Magarac, Anne Bonny, and Mike Fink come to life in two fisted action adventure tales! Learn of the mysterious Leatherman and thrill to his wild adventures! And discover a whole new take on the concept of Paul Bunyan! Authors D. Alan Lewis, Gordon Dymowski, Nancy A. Hansen, Phillip Drayer Duncan, David White, and Greg Daniel take characters, both historic and fictional, and give them a treatment like no other. TALL PULP from Pro Se Productions.

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Doc Claus

Doc Claus

“The Chop Chop Chang Adventure” appears in DOC CLAUS (Metahuman Press).

This isn’t the St. Nick you know!

The hero of the north, the Man of Presents, whisks across the world to fight crime and find adventure 364 days a year. Along with his Holiday Patrol: Comet, Remmy, Easy, Montgomery, Cupid and of course, the Missus, he is the world’s first line of defense against evil of all shapes and sizes.

One part comedy, one part parody and all adventure! Doc Claus flies out of his not-so-secret base to fight evil in five all-new adventures by Terry Alexander, Greg Daniel, Travis Hiltz, Robbie Lizhini and M.H. Norris!



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