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With a passion for the future that never was and a nostalgia for a past that probably wasn’t either, Greg Daniel writes tales of action & adventure and mystery & imagination  influenced by B-movies, comic books, old-time radio, and pulp magazines.  A native of the Midwest, he followed the trail blazed by Walt Disney, John D. MacDonald, and Jimmy Buffett to Florida, where he currently resides with his beautiful wife and amazing children.

In between the first story Greg remembers writing (about secret agents shooting bad guys in the throat — circa 3rd grade) and his most recent work (surprisingly not all that different from the first), he avoided writing by working at jobs ranging from country music disc jockey to vice president of the largest comic book retail chain in the country to a variety of roles in the staffing industry of all things.

Greg is currently at work on several projects which you just might learn about should you read this blog or follow him on twitter (@GregDanielWrite). If that is not enough for you, against his better judgment, he recently joined the rest of the civilized (?) world on Facebook so you might as well look for him there too. Writing is a solitary life, he could use the “friends.” “follows,” and “likes.”


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