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10 Books with Lasting Impact

MEANWHILE … instead of writing what I was supposed to be writing, I was hanging out on Facebook and Twitter. Yeah, I know “hang out” is a Google+ thing, but we are still allowed to hang out other places, aren’t we? The Google lawyers can’t be everywhere, right? Right?!?

Anyway, if you are doing something vaguely akin to, but not exactly, hanging out long enough, someone is going to challenge you or nominate you or tag you. And that is just what happened.

I was asked what 10 books have stayed with me in some way. Not “what are the best books I have ever read?” Not “what are my favorite books?” But what books have had a lasting impact. The idea is not to give it too much thought. Because really, if you have to think about it, how much impact did it really have?

Here, in no particular order, are my ten:

  • The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas


  • The Rolling Stones by Robert Heinlein

rolling stones hb

  • Strange Wine by Harlan Ellison

strange wine

  • Watership Down by Richard Adams

watership down

  • The Ghost Light by Fritz Leiber

ghost light

  • The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain

huckleberry finn

  • The Compleat Enchanter by L. Sprague de Camp & Fletcher Pratt


  • On Stranger Tides by Tim Powers

stranger tides

  • Nine Princes in Amber by Roger Zelazny


  • Dandelion Wine by Ray Bradbury


The only rule I self-imposed was only one title per author. I have already written about about The Rolling Stones here at MEANWHILE … I think, as time allows, I will elaborate a bit more on each of these books over the next few weeks.

MEANWHILE … what are your ten?

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