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Christmas in July

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Keep Calm ... Christmas


MEANWHILE … as the calendar falls on the last day of July, our thoughts turn to Christmas. Christmas? Yes, Christmas. Christmas in July.

Okay, maybe not Christmas, but Santa Claus. Just what does Jolly Old Saint Nick do when he’s not checking the list, inspecting the elves handiwork, feeding the reindeer, and delivering presents? Would you believe …?

The Hero of the North, the Man of Presents, Doc Claus himself, serves as the first line of defense against villainy of all shapes and sizes. Aided by the Holiday Patrol, Cupid, Easy Bunny, Remington Elf, Montgomery Q. Leprechaun, Comet, and of course, the Missus, he draws a line in the snow against the most nefarious threats the world has to offer!

Doc Claus

Doc and company star in five adventures by a quintet of talented writers. [Full disclosure: it’s actually a quartet of talented writers and me.] Travis Hiltz, Terry Alexander, Robbie Lizhini, M. H. Norris and, yours truly, Greg Daniel deliver a book overflowing with action for the holidays and beyond!

So forget that the mercury in the thermometer is flirting with triple digits and celebrate Christmas in July with my story, “The Chop Chop Chang Adventure,” and the other great tales in DOC CLAUS.

DOC CLAUS (Metahuman Press) makes a great gift too. After all there are only 146 Shopping Days until Christmas.


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